The classes are Kennel Club Listed Status, enabling the testing of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme awards. This page states the classes that we offer as well as what is trained in the classes at the bottom of the page.

Training classes are held weekly in term time and are run in 8 or 9 week blocks.


Booking is by visiting a class but please contact me ahead of time. You can then complete a booking form and place a deposit of £50 on a place.  After this, you are most welcome to come each week and watch. This gets the puppy socialised into the training environment and you become familiar with the procedures.


All breeds are welcome in classes which do not exceed eight members although I am not able to accept dogs with aggression problems in a class situation.

Please note: Class sizes are monitored. All classes to be Covid friendly and ask you to adhere to 2m distance


All training is located at:


Langley Vale Village Hall *

Rosebery Road

Langley Vale, Epsom,

Surrey. KT18 6AF

* This venue does allow outdoor training



Lesson times and Levels:


1:00pm Introductory

2:00pm Intermediate

3:00pm Advanced


7:30pm Intermediate

8:30pm Advanced

Lesson times and Levels:


9:30am Introductory*

10:30am Intermediate



*dependant on demand, please check with Jane


- Pre-Ownership

- First time dog owner

- Individual clicker training

- Tracking training


One to One training available.


Use of large outdoor location when necessary


As mentioned, courses are run in 8 or 9 week blocks.


Introductory courses are 45mins @ £100 per 8 weeks


Intermediate courses are 45mins @ £80 per 9 weeks


Advanced class @ £80 per 9 weeks

What we teach:

There is no doubt that a trained dog is a happy dog and with that as our ethos we use reward based and motivational methods to teach the dog and owner to live in harmony. The exercises that we teach are largely based on those that feature in The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme which is a dog training programme that promotes socially acceptable dogs and creates responsible dog owners.  The Scheme is non competitive and is open to dogs of all ages and all breeds, whether Kennel Club registered or not.  It is the largest dog training scheme in the UK and dogs can work through the levels from The Puppy Foundation Assessment through the Bronze and Silver Awards to the highest accolade, the Gold Award.



The Introductory Class

This class is for puppies and dogs that are new to training regardless of age.  Puppies under a year are eligible for their Puppy Foundation Assessment, older puppies and dogs work at the same exercises which all work towards the owner understanding their dog and its general behaviour. These include being able to handle, examine and groom the puppy in a relaxed way. Walking politely on a lead and beginning the concept of the stay exercise. They will learn to return willingly to their handler in a range of situations with distractions. Of paramount importance is teaching the dog to pay attention to its owner/handler.

The Intermediate Class

This class builds on what was learnt in the Introductory class and we prepare the dogs to be  put forward to be tested for their Bronze, Silver, and, when they are ready, their Gold Awards if their handler wishes. A variety of recall situations are introduced and the walking on the lead is developed further. The stay exercise becomes more demanding and takes on a more useful application. When daylight and weather permit, the class can be held outside and we practice walking along the pavement in a well mannered way.

The Advanced Class

This class is for dogs who are being prepared to take their Gold Award or who have passed it and still enjoy coming to class. All the advanced exercises can be learnt here and Jane’s background of competitive obedience at a high level ensures that great fun can be had in teaching exercises such as send-away, scent discrimination, distance control, advanced stand, sit and down and retrieve as well as all the basic exercises already learnt.  Dogs in this class can be prepared for competition or the exercises that comprise the new canine sport of Rally.

At all classes, discussions on relevant points of interest, behaviour, topical subjects, health and nutrition take place. It is always advised however that veterinary advice should be sought if necessary.