A Border Collie and probably not, in retrospect the best choice of first dog for a young teenager,  he was very strong willed, proved quite a challenge and taught me a lot but we enjoyed success at some low level Obedience  competition.


Tacky - Tweeddale Takita -

A little smooth coat Collie bitch who, as well as some Obedience success at lower levels  also competed in a couple of Working Trials and some Agility before my first  pregnancy put a stop to such activity!


Trooper - Yowa Orlando -

A beautiful long coat German Shepherd was the most wonderful family dog as well as winning his way through the lower level obedience classes.


Wally - Kentygern Kadwaladr O.W -

Who, despite another pregnancy of mine, did everything he could for me. He competed successfully in Breed, showing and Sheepdog Trials, did a lot of TV, film and photographic work and represented The South East and East Anglia in the team at the Inter Regional Obedience competition at Crufts in 1985 in Class C. He was Class C only at 3 years old and earned his Obedience Warrant and several placings in Championship C during his long and successful career.  He also sired several litters of puppies.


Mc - Uerelcroft O'Malley O.W -

Another Border Collie, belonged to a close friend whose health prevented her from competing. I worked him successfully in Championship and open obedience classes for a couple of years. He became like one of the family.



A dear gentle Border Collie who was trained and handled by my young daughter. He competed in the Kennel Club Junior Organisation (KCJO) Obedience finals at Crufts for several years running as well as doing agility and many other activities with her as his handler.


Drift - Suenijon Driftaway O.W -

Was a handsome red and white Border Collie who despite major spinal surgery at nine years old then gained his Obedience Warrant and competed in Championship C. Drift also qualified to compete in the KCJO obedience at Crufts and gave Heelwork to Music displays handled by my daughter at Discover Dogs and on TV.


Mac - Snow Blue Mr Macaw CD EX -

Is a big blue merle Border Collie who began his career in Obedience and Agility with my daughter where he also competed at Crufts. At five years old he then began a new career in Working Trials with me. He qualified with the title CD Ex – Companion Dog Excellent and a Certificate of Merit in Utility Dog before retiring. After major spinal surgery at ten years old he is now a very active twelve year old.


Joey - Coriecollies Joey -

Is yet another Border Collie, who is currently working in classes B and C in obedience and is eight years old. He has been diagnosed with a vitamin B malabsorption condition which directly affected his energy levels and therefore his progression through the classes in his younger days. I now inject him with his vitamin B and he is totally well again and continuing to enjoy going to shows and competing.

Working Trials Champion Ludgate Power ‘n’ Glory Companion Dog Excellent (CD Ex), Utility Dog Excellent (UD Ex), Working Dog Excellent (WD Ex), Tracking Dog Excellent (TD Ex) Obedience Class A Excellent (A Ex)


Lennie - Working Trials Champion Ludgate Power 'n' Glory CD EX, UD EX, WD EX, TD EX A Ex -

He is six years old and competes successfully in Obedience and Working Trials. His trials career has made an exciting start and in the space of fourteen months gained the titles CD Ex, UD Ex (Utility Dog Excellent) and WD Ex (Working Dog Excellent), TD EX (Tracking Dog Excellent) and has gained a Reserve Challenge Certificate at Championship level as well as several lower placings and further TD Ex qualifications.  At this level of competition he is required to follow a three hour old track of approximately 20 to 25 legs and recover three small articles along the way, recover four small articles from a search area of 25 sq yards, scale a 6 ft obstacle, jump a 9ft long jump and hurdle a 3ft clear jump. The tests also include a ten minute out of sight stay, heelwork, speak on command, steadiness to gunshot and a sendaway and re-direction of approximately 100 yards each.

He is placed regularly in the obedience ring as well and is working his way through the classes. At Crufts 2014 he was shown in the breed class for Working Trial dogs where he was placed 4th.


Gertie & Daisy

Were two Jack Russells that were also household members. Whilst neither graced any show ring, both were friendly and obedient and could be taken anywhere. Daisy was frequently ‘borrowed’ by KCJO members at events and camps when a spare dog was needed, she tried her hand at just about every discipline with numerous different handlers!  She also had a litter of puppies.


Moss - Starcoast Moss - RIP Sept 2016

My newest addition, born in November 2014 who I hope will follow in the footsteps of our other much loved dogs.



Tag arrived as a sixteen week old rescue pup.  He is a crossbreed of a Border Collie and a Working Bearded Collie.   Hopefully he will enjoy competing in Working Trials and Obedience.